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What Is New Trend H.265?

Friday, September 23, 2016 7:40:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

What is HEVC (H.265)?

Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), H.265 is a new video compression standard, which produces videos of the same quality as H.264 yet taking up only half the bandwidth.

H.265/HEVC is critical for streaming high-quality video even in congested network environments, and will be a driving factor in the delivery of 4K content to new Ultra HD displays.

H.265 PK H.264, what’s the advantages of H.265? 

1. Flexible coding structure

In H.265, the size of macro block is explored from 16*16 to 64*64 for better compression of high resolution video. 

2. High coding efficiency

At the same code rate, H.265 image will show higher definition in water plants details

3. What’s more? 

Compared with H.264, It is approximate 2X as effective as H.264, it can reduces file size up to 50% with the same quality, Supports resolution up to 7680 × 4320 (8K), Reduces video noise and increases dynamic range. 

What's the current situation of HEVC?

In 2013 CPSE, Hisilicon and Grain Media did a demo on the initial results of their H.265 research. All of the invited visitors were impressed and agreed that H.265 had a huge potential. However, there are still some shortages to overcome. 

1. An imbalance between cost and product features. 

The price of H.265 DVR is much higher than H.264 DVR. According to the price of H.265 DVR at present, one 4CH H.265 DVR kit need $235.2 to $400. But a same H.264 DVR kit just need $95 to $200.

2. Need devices to support H.265/ HEVC coding, improve the performance. 

This will depend on many factors -- for example, how soon will graphics chips makers, such as AMD and NVIDIA, integrate H.265 into their products. The first generation of H.265 chipsets may be only suitable for initial video coding standards, and there are still many H.265 image processing functions, extensions, and multiview video coding that need to be enhanced. 

Though, H.265 is said to double the data compression ration compared to H.264 at the same level of video quality. But our present Ambarella IP Camera can actually do it, and price is very competitive.

Right now, only a few manufacturers are just planning to launch H.265 products in Q3 2015. The introduction of H.265 coding standard means that the theory is ready, but a unified method to transmit such ultra HD signals is not. H.265 is a new technology yet to be perfect in performance, when view the video by mobile client will cause much more power consumption.

3. Need Large-scale popularization.

The current H.265 due to price reasons, now is only used by public security, transportation, government, telecommunications an financial industries, which required a high-resolution with Full HD quality. 

For other industries, most of them already have existing technologies and therefore would be hesitant to adopt H.265, which requires a longer verification period.

There has a long way to go to reach Large-scale popularization. And now the H.264 is still the main-stream products. H.265 worth the expectation.

What’s the trend of H.265? Is it necessary and important for us to launch HEVC? 

H.265 implementation has generated huge optimism given industry's struggle with shortage of bandwidth, spectrum, storage, and imminent need to take growing HD content for multi-platform delivery. It can result in 20% investment savings, ensuring higher performance and lower network and system building cost in video surveillance. Implementation of the new format in video surveillance is “inevitable.” It will be a significant development for the future technological growth in HD surveillance.

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Genie launch new H.265 Wish IP Surveillance system

Sunday, September 11, 2016 8:49:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

Genie launches their latest H.265 Wish IP Surveillance system, which offers high resolutions images with efficient storage capabilities.

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Vanderbilt Aliro IP access control solution V1.15 with new roll call feature

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Vanderbilt, a global leader in providing state-of-the-art security systems, has announced a new version of its innovative Aliro Internet protocol (IP) based access control solution. Aliro Market Package 1.15 provides a range of refinements to the previous product (originally launched at the end of 2014), while introducing new features to improve functionality within small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). This is the first rebranded access control system from Vanderbilt since its acquisition of Security Products from Siemens in June 2015 and is therefore a significant event in the company’s development.

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CCTV footage helps find stolen pet

Sunday, September 4, 2016 7:34:02 AM America/Los_Angeles

LUDHIANA: Three days after a pet dog was stolen from outside a gurdwara in Model Town, police found the animal from a man belonging to Sangrur district on the intervening night of Friday and Saturday.
The dog was stolen by a couple from near a park when her owner had gone for a walk on Tuesday.
Komal Ahluwalia, owner of pit bull and a businesswoman of Model Town area, said, "We got CCTV footage from the gurdwara and many other business establishments in the area which helped us a lot in identifying the woman, who had stolen the dog. When we shared the footage on WhatsApp and Facebook, some people identified the woman, who worked as a sales girl at a business store at Gulati Chowk."
"From the girl, we got the address of the accused and then police rounded them up at around 7.30 pm on Friday. After the police questioned the accused, he revealed the whereabouts of our pet," she added. The pet was recovered at midnight.
"The dog had injuries in the limbs, which was possibly dragged by the culprits", said the owner of pet.
Even as Model Town police identified the accused as Gurbhag Singh of Sangrur, but they didn't reveal the identity of the woman. They also didn't register a case against the duo.
"As the person had not stolen the dog from the house, so no case is made against him," said Avtar Singh of Model Town police.

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City to have CCTV cameras

Sunday, September 4, 2016 7:17:14 AM America/Los_Angeles

The Phagwara Corporation town will soon be equipped with CCTV cameras. This was stated by Chief Parliamentary Secretary Som Parkash during a meeting with prominent residents of the town. The CPS said 15 sensitive points had been selected to install CCTVs to monitor the activities of anti-social elements. These CCTVs would be monitored at the police headquarters.One dead in road mishap A youth, identified as Vishal, of Johal village, was killed on the spot while his two brothers, Baljit and Varinder, sustained serious injuries when a speeding truck hit them when they were waiting for a vehicle to reach Goraya near Chachoki on national highway on Tuesday night. The injured were admitted to the local Civil Hospital while the truck driver managed to flee. A case has been registered in this regard.4 injured in road accidentFour occupants of a Ludhiana-bound Maruti Baleno sustained injuries when the car overturned after being hit by a speeding truck on national highway near JCT Mills here on Tuesday night. The injured, Dilmohan Singh, Prabhdeep, Harpreet Kaur and Priya, were admitted to the local Civil Hospital.

Protest against cop

Tension prevailed at Satnampura police station when activists of the BSP held a protest against the misconduct by an ASI with a woman complainant who appeared before the police in connection with a land dispute case. The situation eased when the ASI expressed regret over his conduct in the presence of DSP Kanwalpreet Singh Chahal.


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